170. Keep it Dark

170. Keep it Dark

Shhh! Keep it dark.


coming soon . . .

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  1. Hi Everyone–I lost several comments today as the blog had to be migrated to a new “host,” if you know what that is (I don’t, but my web tech does). Anyway, if you’re reading this, what you see above is a preview of something coming out very soon! I’ll say no more. LOL.

  2. I was wondering what was up but decided it better to observe the motto, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” I knew you’d provide an explanation sooner or later.

    1. I think everything’s running well, but I’ll soon find out. 🙂

  3. Dark is bad…it hides things. Like makeup on clowns, mimes and painted “ladies”….they all have something to hide ….creeps me out😳

    1. Haha. Of course, Peterson has a long history with dark finishes, as do all the other classic old marques. I’ve got a 309 Made in England that’s just as dark, but with some ruby mixed in, I think. Of course, there’s always “the dark night of the soul” and “the cloud of unknowing” for those spiritual souls who preferthe darkness… And what, what’s that howling I hear? “The children of the night”–I think Bela Lugosi smoked a Peterson Dark System.

      1. Can’t wait for this article as the dark finish that pipe looks right up my alley ! . I also have a Made in England 309 Mark . It’s never been smoked , although there is some stem chatter . May I ask , on your pipe do the stamps on the mount face the bowl or stem ? . Also , does your pipe have a tenon extension ? . Thanks Alex

      2. Hi Alex, Good to hear from you! Josh said the new Standard Dark System will be out at Smokingpipes later this month or in March. Stamps on the Systems mounts either face with the feet of the letters toward the bowl (sterling and vintage) or on the left side (Republic era). Sometimes on bands (not ferrules) the stamps get on upside down. The 309 Standards never had a screw-in extension, just a built-in step-down. The Premiers & De Luxes do. I do think the System, as a rule, smokes better with the tenon extension.

    2. Dark is the traditional finish in the UK. It should not surprise us if an Irish pipemaker, so geographically close to the UK, and attentive to UK market preferences, should establish and re-establish deep stains on a regular basis.

      Here’s hoping Pete’s next dark stain isn’t one of their rather-less-than-great varnishes.

  4. Andrew, sorry I missed your comment earlier. And FIYI–it’s not a varnish. I just talked to Josh Burgess about the new line and it’s meant to evoke the deep stains of the past and is exactly that–a stain. Not a spray (like the Ashford line) or a varnish.

  5. I certainly agree with regard to tenon extensions on systems , Mark. I was surprised to find this 309’s stem has apparently been drilled to fit a 9mm filter . It’s a System 0 with that lovely dark red stain you mentioned . The feet of the letters and faux hallmarks are facing the stem , with the elliptical MADE IN over ENGLAND right at the back of the stummel just under the ferrule . I think this new dark stained line will sell really well .

    1. Correction needed here – it’s not drilled for a filter , but the diameter of the tenon is a mm or so wider than the Standard 309 I’ve got .

      1. Alex, if it’s a older than 1948, that could very well be the diameter of the tenon. Some of my older pipes do seem closer to 6 than 5 mm. As long as it smokes dry and fills the reservoir, you’re in good shape.

    2. There seem to have been dark colors–the one you and I call red I think K&P called “plum.” But I have one that’s very dark brown as well. The System 0 would be a grade or two above that dark brown. There were more or less 4 grades . . . or 5, if you count the “Grade 4” stamp seen on the near-rejects but never in catalogs.

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