178. A Look at Recent Italian-Market Petersons

I have been meaning for some time to remind everyone of Peterson’s amazing “Italian” pipes—not made in Italy, but made in collaboration with Mario Lubinski of Lubinski.it since the late 1970s. I first became aware of these pipes through the internet and only gradually came to understand Mario’s passion for

178. Companion Cases & Collections: Collectors and/or Companions?

I want to begin with a timely greeting from Steven Hersey which he posted a few days ago in the comments, in case you didn’t see it: Hello, all. I hope that you are able to adjust to whatever new regimes have been placed before you by your respective governments

177. The New Standard System Dark

Two weeks ago SPC (Smokingpipes.com) released the first batch of what I’ve been thinking of as “the Dark System,” but which is actually called the Standard System Dark. It’s not a replacement for the lighter-stained Standard System Smooth, but an additional finish to the System line, one that will be

176. A Chat with Jonathan Fields, Peterson’s Production Manager

“All Peterson pipes are made for individual people. There’s no two Peterson pipes the same.” —Jonathan Fields, Production Manager Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! I have been saving this interview with Peterson’s production manager Jonathan Fields for a special occasion, and this is it.

174. SPC’s 20th Anniversary Small Batch Peterson Blasts: A Gallery Walk

On Thursday afternoon of January 3rd this year, something rather wonderful happened: Smokingpipes.com released a small batch of 80 Peterson pipes to launch SPC’s 20th anniversary celebrations. I took a look, of course, but when I went to look again the following morning, all 80 pipes were gone. Peterson produces

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