200. Giocomo Penzo’s “Lee Van Cleef” 309 Dutch Billiard

In 1979 actor Lee Van Cleef went to Dublin to make The Hard Way, an Irish hitman film, starring Patrick McGoohan of Danger Man and The Prisoner fame.  Van Cleef, celebrated by cineastes for his spaghetti westerns in the 1960s and 70s, is also held in special regard by pipemen

199. A Chat with Giacomo Penzo, Peterson’s Pipe Specialist

by Adam O’Neill translated by Federica Bruno from the Italian Giacomo Penzo, the man behind the G. Penzo Pipes, is known for a hybrid approach to pipemaking — using his background in industrial design to craft a tool designed to work efficiently, but also one which exudes a sense of

198. Peterson Pipe of the Year 2020 / 9BC: Reimagining A Classic

Despite the pandemic, global warming, political and economic woes and general pall of lassitude and negativity that hangs over the globe, Kapp & Peterson has done it again—for the 23rd year in a row they have issued a Pipe of the Year. This year’s pipe is the first new shape

197. The New PSB (Peterson Special Blast) Bowl Stamp and Pipes

Last week SPC unleashed two dozen pipes in the Sherlock Holmes and House Pipe ranges with a new bowl stamp: PSB. Both the outstanding blasts and the stamp are worthy of celebration by all true PFs (Pete Freeks). Bowl stamps are important indicators in determining a Peterson pipe’s date and,

196. “It’s PETERSON Time”: the New Pocket Watch (and a glimpse of the POY 2020)

Throughout its history, Kapp & Peterson has issued a variety of branded accessories, from the original Patent “Compliment” 3-in-1 pipe tool to playing cards, pipe racks and ceramic pipe holders, ashtrays, mirrors, matches, tobacco and combination pouches, lapel pins, cuff links, pajamas (!) and coffee mugs. Some of these were