Cleaning up a Peterson 312 System Pipe

Here’s another beautiful restoration from Steve Laug over at Reborn Pipes.

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5 years ago


This morning i picked up an identical Peterson at a flea market for $10. Pretty much same condition too, but with a much more oxidized mouthpiece. The tenon on the bit has the same open end as you have pictured. I did not know enough about this brand to determine if it was a standard feature of this model or not. It’s my first Pete and your blog will help a great deal as I restore it!

Mark Irwin
5 years ago
Reply to  Jake

You lucky man! Yes, the opening at the mortise is meant to be that way; the tenon (the opening of the airway at the bottom of the stem) is also large–about 5mm–this is because the P-Lip is a graduated bore, facilitating the proper working of the System. Good luck on the restoration, and don’t forget to consult Steve Laug’s blogs for any questions you may have. I think everything’s there.