292. SPECIAL BULLETIN: Sherlock Holmes Rua Spigot P-Lip Drops Tomorrow, July 12


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“The latest installment in Peterson’s Charles Peterson Collection — denoted by the “CP” stamp — Sherlock Spigot Rua combines a meticulous contrast sandblasted finish — which first appeared in the original 2021 Rua pipes — with sterling silver spigot mounts, all adorning Peterson’s best-selling Sherlock Holmes shapes.

The deep red and black, two-toned stain highlights the briar’s natural flame grain patterns while the crisp sandblast reveals waves of ring grain and whorls of birdseye alike. These pipes were sandblasted, stained, and finished under the direction and supervision of Giacomo Penzo, Peterson’s pipe specialist and a celebrated artisan pipe maker in his own right.”

Available Shapes: Baskerville • Watson • Original • Rathbone • Milverton • Hansom • Mycroft • Professor

Finish: Rua (red-and-black contrast sandblast)

Mouthpiece: P-Lip


Introduced last year, the Rua finish is Peterson’s first contrast-stained sandblast, presenting iconic Peterson shapes in a crimson-and-black color palette elevated by sterling silver spigot mounts. Today, the Rua welcomes its second installment, this time dressing the Irish marque’s renowned Sherlock Holmes shapes and expanding the Rua’s unparalleled aesthetic across Peterson’s portfolio.

Finished under the direction of Giacomo Penzo, Peterson’s Pipe Specialist and a celebrated artisan pipe maker in his own right, these Rua pipes testify to the factory’s deep commitment to quality craftsmanship, requiring the same labor-intensive, time-consuming processes employed almost exclusively by artisan carvers. The end result is a rich, two-toned motif that highlights the briar’s vertical grain in dramatic contrast, while the sandblast reveals dense growth rings.

Today’s Sherlock Holmes Rua pipes also continue the prestigious Charles Peterson Collection inaugurated earlier this year. Identified by a “CP” stamp, Charles Peterson Collection pipes are special, small-run releases that highlight innovation in design and technique to honor Charles Peterson’s pioneering spirit and influence on pipe making world wide.

Over 100 Peterson Rua pipes are available now exclusively at Smokingpipes, divided across eight Sherlock Holmes shapes: the Original, Watson, Rathbone, Baskerville, Mycroft, Professor, Hansom, and Milverton. They celebrate artisan craftsmanship, combining traditional Peterson shaping and silverwork with modern finishing techniques, and are highly limited in production. See the entire selection of this special Peterson series on-site now.

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Many thanks to Josh Burgess & Andy Wike
Photos courtesy Laudisi Enterprises

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