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When few people own land and most people live in cities, it is quite common to have high degrees of hunger in a nation that is exporting food. Comparing the Alps with the Pyrenees, according to Ball, each has about half its flora common to the other: Of species common to the two, Maximowicz finds that Manchuria possesses 40% and scarcely 9% that are endemic. A common activity for new mothers is to calm and soothe their crying babies since babies cry for many different reasons on a daily basis. Fresh or dried spices like oregano, basil, dill or thyme are common. variation in resistance of the transmitter spoken into causes a variation of the pressure at the line terminals of the impedance coils, and since those terminals are common to the two circuits the variable E.M.F. The following scheme indicates a common Sicilian method of a type which has many varieties: fallow, grain, grain, pasture, pastureother two divisions of the area following the same order, but beginning respectively with the two years of grain and the two of pasture. 1 It is a common practice of keepers of dogs to place a piece of roll sulphur in the animal's water but this serves no useful purpose owing to this property. Kings made common cause against the common danger and resolved to crush this uprising in France. I considered telling her the tipster was ill and out of service for a few days but common sense dictated that doing so might encourage someone to commit a crime in the tipster's absence. Living together before marriage is quite common in this country. Its commencement is referred to the 1st of January of the year 313 of the Common Era. This is a common observation. Investigators found common threads in the circumstances of the suicides last year. To us, their descendants, who are not historians and are not carried away by the process of research and can therefore regard the event with unclouded common sense, an incalculable number of causes present themselves. Flares, rabbits and squirrels are common. Again, while they differ physically from neighbouring races, while there is practically nothing in common between them and the Malays, the Polynesians, or the Papuan Melanesians, they agree in type so closely among themselves that they must be regarded as forming one race. 282+78 sentence examples: 1. In Venetia it is more common than elsewhere in Italy for owners to till their own soil. All the Malagasy lemurs, which agree in the structure of the internal ear, are now included in the family Lemuridae, confined to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, which comprises the great majority of the group. The most common wild animals are deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and muskrats. Five rather common species are certainly deadly - the death adder, the brown, the black, the superb and the tiger snakes. There are still many magneto exchanges in existence, but when new exchanges are erected only the very smallest are equipped for magneto working, that system having succumbed to the common battery one in the case of all equipments of moderate and large dimensions. In 1718 was published a new Communion Office taken partly from Primitive Liturgies and partly from the first English Reformed Common Prayer Book,.. On several occasions concordats have established a new division of dioceses, and provided that future erections or divisions should be made by a common accord. Any comparison between the generalship of these two great commanders would therefore be misleading, for want of a common basis. He was a judge of the New Hampshire Court of Common Pleas in 17761 777, a member (and speaker) of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from 1776 until 1782, a member of the state Constitutional Convention of 1778 and of the state Senate in 1784-1785, and in1783-1784was again a member of Congress. Yellowing is a common sign of water-logged roots, and if accompanied by wilting may be due to drought. Nor was it strictly a nobility of office, though it had more in common with that than with either of the other two. This is a common event. "We ourselves eat only common food," answered the shah. common flesh, which cannot be assigned more to one individual than another, but consists of a more or less complicated network of tubes, corresponding to the hydrocaulus and hydrorhiza of the primitive independent polypindividual. 7. The phenomenon was quite common between 9.30 A.M. A small variety of the common mushroom found in pastures has been named A. velutinus, a slender, ringless, hollow-stemmed, blackgilled fungus, common in gardens and about dung and stumps; it is about the size of a mushroom, but thinner in all its parts and far more brittle; it has a black hairy fringe hanging round the edge of the cap when fresh.

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