50. Peterson B Shapes, Part 3 (B22 – B34)

01-b32-rock-of-cashel Here we are in the middle of the B shapes, the great contribution of the recent “Dublin” or Tom Palmer era of Peterson’s shape catalog. I’ll begin with the disclaimer that what follows is undoubtedly not the whole story, nor even the last word, on any of these shapes. But it is a beginning, and I hope helpful to fellow companioners of these marvelous pipes. The reader can see the originals for all the Limited Edition shapes in another entry found on this site, as well as blogs on the B23 in its original presentation. Corrections, emendations and advice always welcome!

B22 / Antique Collection 1904 – 1908

03-b22-dublin-castle02-b22-rock-of-cashelThe B22 is the first of two shapes derived from the 1904 – 1908 Antique Collection released in 2005. A diamond-shanked half-bent billiard, it appeared to great effect in the Italian Rock of Cashel line with contrast-stain blast (bottom), sterling mount, marmalade acrylic stem and hot-foil stamped P. It was also released in the Dublin Castle series (top) with 9mm filter, sterling band and vulcanite fishtail stem, hot-foiled stamped P, and just this year in the entry-grade black sandblast through James Fox, with a vulcanite stem and hot-foil P.

1908 Antique Collection Measurements:
Length: 6.02 in. / 152.91 mm.
Bowl Height: 1.83 in. / 46.88 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.83 in. / 21.08 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.57 in. / 39.88 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.63 in. / 41.40 mm.
Weight: 1.79 oz. / 50.80 g.


B23 / Antique Collection 1904 – 1908

04-b23-rock-of-cashelThe B23 is the second shape in the 1904 – 1908 Antique Collection from 2005. As I’ve already devoted blog space to this marvelous shape, I’ll only add that it’s a shame it didn’t make it into the Classics Range: it’s got a pedigree and in its B23 releases says “Peterson” loud and clear. The Italian-only Rock of Cashel is a lovely work (above), with sterling band and acrylic stem, hot foil P. The Kapet release (below) is a real handful, released in very small numbers, and featuring a vulcanite stem and nickel band. Stan recently told me that it has also been released in the Dublin Castle line.
05-b23-kapet1904 Antique Collection Measurements:
Length: 6.16 in. / 156.46 mm.
Bowl Height: 1.95 in. / 49.53 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.79 in. / 20.07 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.56 in. / 39.62 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.63 in. / 41.40 mm.
Weight: 1.80 oz. / 51.03 g.


B24 / LE 2005

06-b24-shamrockThe B24 debuted as the exquisite XL prince, the Limited Edition 2005, one of the high-water marks in the Peterson Pipe of the Year history with its intricately stamped spigot and band scrollwork. I gave one to my nephew awhile back and hope that someday he’ll smoke it and say, “Wow! I can’t believe what a cool pipe this is.” Anyway, as a B shape it appeared in the Kapet line seen below with a nickel band and saddle vulcanite stem, P hot foil stamped. The last of the bowls appeared in the entry-grade Shamrock (above), also with a vulcanite tapered mouthpiece and the old-fashioned gold-stamp P.
07-b24-kapetKapet Measurements:
Length: 6.25 in. / 158.75 mm.
Bowl Height: 1.58 in. / 40.13 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.79 in. / 20.07 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.27 in. / 32.26 mm.
Weight: 1.80 oz. / 51.03 g.
Outside Diameter: 1.85 in./46.99 mm.


B25 / 140th Anniversary

08-b25-kapreisThe B25 is without doubt the rarest of the Bs. I couldn’t figure it out from the sole example I’ve seen. It looks a bit like the 2004 Limited Edition, but that’s the B21. It also looks a bit like The Professor from the original Sherlock Holmes series, but that already has an XL shape number.  So I went to the authority, Tony Whelan, Jr., Peterson’s factory manager, who told me it’s . . . the Charles Peterson 140th Anniversary Edition.

The 140th pipe was originally conceived as a Limited Edition run of 1000 pieces, but at the time (2005), Peterson couldn’t source a sufficient number of these XXL bowls, the run ending up at around 300 pipes.* The bowl on the 140th, incidentally (if not the bore and ferrule) is good reproduction of the X.O1 House Pipe seen in the 1896 and 1906 catalogs, and one of Charles Peterson’s favorite shapes. It appeared in the Italian Kapreis line as a sandblast, black acrylic f/t stem, hot-foil P stamp, sterling army mount.

140th Anniversary Measurements:
Length: 6.46 in. / 164.08 mm.
Bowl Height: 2.45 in. / 62.23 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.88 in. / 22.35 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.94 in. / 49.28 mm.
Weight: 3.68 oz. / 104.33 g.
Outside Diameter:  1.83 in. / 46.48 mm.


B26 / LE 2006

09-b26-rock-of-cashelThe 2006 Limited Edition is the most massive straight poker- “setter” ever cut by Peterson, a real knock-out with its original silver cap. It entered the B shapes catalog as the B26, where it appeared first as the beautiful sterling army-mount Italian Rock of Cashel seen above with the usual marmalade acrylic stem and hot foil silver P stamp and sterling band, and then to great effect in the entry-grade Kapet pictured below with a vulcanite f/t stem.
10-b26-kapetKapet measurements:
Length: 5.56 in. / 141.22 mm.
Bowl Height: 1.95 in. / 49.53 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.82 in. / 20.83 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.60 in. / 40.64 in.
Weight: 1.90 oz. / 53.86 g.
Outside Diameter: 1.50 in. / 38.10 mm.


B27 / LE 2007

12-b27-derry-rusticThe B27 is another incredible Limited Edition shape, this time the octagonal panel billiard from 2007, when it was given a faux spigot treatment (like the original Rosslare Royal Irish line). Like nearly all the LEs, it’s a big piece. It appeared in the B catalog first in the Italian sterling army-mount Rock of Cashel, then just recently in the nickel army-mount Derry Rustic.  I must say that I like the Derry Rustic treatment (seen above) even better than the Rock of Cashel, despite its lack of sterling. In any event, if you’re attracted to the shape, don’t wait too long add it to your rotation before its gone. Derry Rustic is nickel mount, acrylic stem with hot foil P stamp. The Rock you already know.
11-b27-rock-of-cashelDerry Rustic Measurements:
Length: 6.25 in. / 158.69 mm.
Bowl Height: 2.07 in. / 52.68 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.82 in. / 20.72 mm.
Chamber Depth:  1.63 in. / 41.38 mm.
Weight: 1.80 oz. / 50.39 g.
Outside Diameter:  1.44 in. / 36.47 mm.

B28 / LE 2008

13-b28-st-pats-2012The B28 is the only bowl shape in the B chart that has three numbers: the B21, B28 and B28 and B49. In the last B shapes blog, I mentioned the B21 derives from the 2004 LE and the B49 from the Gregson in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series. What I overlooked was that the B28 –the same bowl – was  the number given the 2008 LE. I won’t enthuse anymore about this shape – it’s one of my all-time favorites in the Peterson catalog, especially stellar for Va and Va/Per lovers. If you don’t companion one, I’m sorry and hope you’ll add one to your rotation soon. As the B28, it appeared in both the entry-grade Kapet line and the St. Patrick’s Day 2012.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Measurements:
Length: 5.43 in. / 137.92 mm.
Bowl Height: 2.24 in. / 56.90 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.76 in. / 44.70 in.
Chamber Diameter: 0.78 in. / 19.81
Outer Diameter: 1.56 in. / 39.62 mm.
Weight: 2.40 oz. / 68.04 g.



14-b29-kapetThe B29 derives from the Liffey shape in Peterson’s most extensive boxed collection, the sextet of pipes in the Rivers Collection, released in 2007.  There is an amazing unity of design conception when you look at the collection as a whole, while individually they show some of Peterson’s most creative recent work. The set begins on a quiet note, however, with what at first seems like a rather ordinary billiard, but which the billiard aficionado will recognize as more Danish than Irish or English with its pronounced cheeks. The Kapet line, of course, is machine rusticated, two-tone stain with nickel band and hot foil P stamped on a vulcanite mouthpiece.

Kapet Measurements:
Length: 5.79 in./147.07 mm.
Weight: 1.60 oz./45.36 g.
Bowl Height: 1.95 in./49.53 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.56 in./39.62 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.78 in./19.81 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.55 in./39.37 mm.



15-b30-stpats2010The Suir, a sterling army mount from the River Collection, was issued as the B30 and is on my Holy Grail list of newer Peterson shapes. It’s about as dynamic a bent Dublin as you’re likely to see, artisan or factory-made. It was gorgeous in the Rivers Collection, and it holds up well in its life as the B30 in the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day commemorative. I haven’t spotted it in other collections, but I wouldn’t be surprised made more than one appearance. In its 2010 SPD dress, it’s got the same meat-and-potatoes nickel band and matt brown stain as the US Aran line and sported way above average briar for the price.

St. Patrick’s Day 2010 measurements:
Length: 5.79 in./147.07 mm.
Weight: 2.10 oz./59.53 g.
Bowl Height: 2.28 in./57.91 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.73 in./43.94 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.82 in./20.83 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.84 in./46.74 mm.



16-b31-stpats2010The Boyne became the B31, a straight, round-shanked Rhodesian, with more of an apple shape than the traditional bulldog / Rhodesian cant. It’s also a bigger-bowled pipe than the photo makes it appear. In the St. Patrick’s Day 2010 guise, it’s dressed out with nickel band, warm brown stain and a vulcanite mouthpiece with hot foil stamped P. It also appeared on the European market in the Donegal Rocky line seen below.

17-b31-donegal-rockySt. Patrick’s Day 2010 measurements:
Length: 6.15 in./156.21 mm.
Weight: 1.70 oz./48.08 g.
Bowl Height: 2.00 in./50.80 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.64 in./41.66 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.80 in./20.32 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.77 in./44.96 mm.



19-b32-kapetThe B32 / Lee is, in my opinion, the standout shape of the Rivers Collection, with the Corrib close behind. It transforms the Rhodesian into a dynamic, organic aesthetic perfectly reflecting its Irish origins. It appeared first in the St. Patrick’s Day 2010 seen below, a remarkable collection, with Aran-style finishings: warm matt-brown stain, nickel band, saddle stem. It also appeared in the Kapet line seen above, and finally as an army mount in the Rock of Cashel, as seen at the top of this blog. The domed ferrule of the army mount in the original Lee and the Rock of Cashel makes them the finest expression of this incredible shape.

18-b32-st-patricks-day-2010St. Patrick’s Day 2010 Measurements:
Length: 5.91 in./150.11 mm.
Weight: 2.40 oz./68.04 g.
Bowl Height: 2.19 in./55.63 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.82 in./46.23 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.85 in./21.59 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.81 in./45.97 mm.



20-b33-rock-of-cashelThe B33 is derived from the Corrib in the Rivers Collection, and appeared as Peterson’s first Christmas pipe (with a Christmas tree on the mount)  in 2009.  It’s Peterson’s only bent-Dublin setter, and it’s a marvel with English and orientals (I speak from experience). It appeared in the Donegal Rocky line seen below with a tapered vulcanite stem, in the Kapet with a tapered stem, and just lately as an army mount in the Derry Rustic line. It’s also part of the European, non-mounted Aran line, as my friend Tom has just this minute shown me in his recent purchase!

22-b33-donegal-rocky 21-b33-derry-rusticSt. Patrick’s Day 2010 Measurements:
Length: 5.15 in./130.81 mm.
Weight: 1.90 oz./53.86 g.
Bowl Height: 2.31 in./58.67 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.88 in./47.75 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.85 in./21.59 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.54 in./39.12 mm.



23-b34-stpats2010The B34 is the last of the sextet of the Rivers Collection shapes, and it’s a honey. I’ve never seen a bent egg that’s so compact and so cries out to be cradled in the palm. When you look at it you can’t help but think it would be a fantastic System pipe. Like some of the other Rivers Collection shapes, it appeared in the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day collection seen above, with Aran-style finishing, and in the Kapet line seen below.

24-b34-kapetErne Measurements:
Length: 4.60 in./116.84 mm.
Weight: 2.00 oz./56.70 g.
Bowl Height: 2.00 in./50.80 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.63 in./41.40 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.77 in./19.56 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.70 in./43.18 mm.


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Photos courtesy Charles Mundungus, Smokingpipes.com,
Bolittopipes.it, AlPascia.com and Pipes.WS

With thanks to Tony Whelan at Peterson


Dia bheith in éineacht leat


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