348. SPECIAL BULLETIN: The 2023 Carroll of Carrollton Drops Tuesday 6/20

Lá na nAithreacha sona duit!
Happy Father’s Day!

SPECIAL BULLETIN:  “This year’s Carroll of Carrollton pipe will be available beginning at 6:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 20th,” Andy Wike, VP of Marketing at Laudisi, told me. It will be available in the five finishes seen here, from the top: Heritage, Ebony, PSB, Sandblast and Smooth. Sykes Wilford told me that “after two years of doing 245 and then 246 and having not nearly enough, we did 247 sandblasted and 247 smooth this year, for a total of 494,” adding that “It is just for the US market, open to all Peterson stockists,” so that Pete Geeks across the pond shouldn’t wait to see a European drop.

As Truett Smith wrote two years ago, the Carroll of Carrollton “commemorates the intertwined histories of the United States and Ireland, drawing inspiration from the only Irish-Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence: Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Born in Maryland to Irish immigrants, Carroll gained prominence in the Colonies during the mid-1770s not only as a landowner and tobacco planter but also as a revolutionary, distinguishing himself as a political figure and promoting the Revolution’s cause by writing newspaper articles, giving speeches, and even participating in the Annapolis Tea Party — Maryland’s lesser-known version of Boston’s famed dissension. Carroll was subsequently elected as a delegate to the Continental Congress and distinguished himself as the Declaration’s only Irish-Catholic signatory.”

Charles Carroll (1737-1832), A Founding Father of the United States

The series is limited to the number of years between the Declaration’s signing in 1776 and the year’s release, which for 2023 is 247 inclusive of all finishes. “The shape,” as Truett writes, “hearkens to the style of pipes smoked in Carrol’s era in a demi-Churchwarden resembling the clay tavern pipes enjoyed before the use of briar. A sterling silver accent band solidifies the pipe’s Peterson identity.”

Like its predecessors in 2021 (see Post #234) and 2022 (see Post #291), the 2023 Carroll of Carrollton features a comfortable fishtail bit and is actually light enough to clench when need be. The chamber size is about the same as the previous years (see below for measurements), making it great for either the Holmesian “three-pipe-problem” (and I can see Jeremy Brett clenching one with his knees drawn up into his easy chair) or for those nights when a good flake is required and time may be short.

The Acorn is a new shape to the catalog, acquired for the recent issue of the Junior Rusticated Line (see Post #334) and is a pip, as you can see.


The blast sample I received is also gorgeous beyond belief for such a small bowl, although I wondered whether this might have been a Belgique that fell into the mix by mistake—regardless, it’s incredible.


The mortise is 17.mm deep and the tenon 14.5 mm long, which is fairly amazing in a factory-made pipe, and in combination with the chamfering, this looks like it will give a cool, dry smoke. The stamping is well-composed, as always with K&P:

For anyone with an interest in the demi-Churchwarden or flake pipes or Irish-American Colonial history, Tuesday’s the time! I don’t know how many SPC will list on their site, but not even close to the entire 247, as these are available throughout the US market–and maybe Europe? I don’t know.



2023 / Measurements & Other Details (Smooth)
Length: 6.88 in./166.37 mm.
Weight: 0.90 oz./ 26 g.
Bowl Height: 1.52 in./38.6 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.20 in./30.7 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.73 in./18.6 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.28 in./32.6 mm.
Stem: Vulcanite Fishtail
Filter: None
Shape: Acorn


2022 / Measurements & Other Details (Smooth)
Length: 6.55 in./ 174.75 mm
Weight: 1.10 oz./31.18 g.
Bowl Height: 1.85 in./46.99 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.52 in./38.61 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.75 in./19.05 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.11 in./28.19 mm.
Stem: Vulcanite Fishtail
Filter: None
Shape: 124 Bent Dublin


2021 / Measurements & Other Details (Smooth)
Length: 6.25 in./158.75 mm.
Weight: 0.70 oz./19.84 g.
Bowl Height: 1.37 in./34.80 mm.
Chamber Depth: 1.12 in./28.45 mm.
Chamber Diameter: 0.62 in./15.75 mm.
Outside Diameter: 1.05 in./26.67 mm.
Stem: Vulcanite Fishtail
Filter: None
Shape: Belgique


Many thanks to Andy Wike, Josh Burgess, Sykes Wilford, K&P and Laudisi
for all their help with media and information VITAL
to the Pete Geek community!


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