90. Peterson Pipe Book Preview Video

I received the go-ahead this weekend to post the The Peterson Pipe book preview video we presented at the Chicagoland pipe show a few weeks ago, and here it is:


If you want to show it at a pipe club meeting, have the president of your club get in touch with me about the possibility of a higher-resolution image.

Our publisher also updated the home page at Briar Books Press with the following information about the book’s publication:

For the past eight-odd years Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg have been chipping away on a manuscript for a book, that when it’s published, will be known as The Peterson Pipe, the Story of Kapp & Peterson. So how far along is the effort? is a question I field regularly from the many “Pete Nuts” in Pipedom. Very far along. In fact, as the book-building process goes, excitingly near the finish line. We can’t smell printer’s ink or feel the smoothness of the text, but using a baseball analogy, the entire work is rounding third base. Editing is somewhere around 90 percent complete. Layout of the fifteen chapters and two appendixes–some 350 pages, gorgeously crafted by Marie Irwin, is completed. What’s left to do? A third and final global edit, a dust-jacket design, and then it’s off to a professional indexer. I hasten to add that owner and CEO of Peterson, Tom Palmer, has written a very heartfelt foreword to introduce the work. And no stranger to the American pipe collector, pipeman and author of several pipe books, Rick Newcombe has penned a prelude that truly portrays why Peterson is such a fine smoking instrument and collectible still after some 150 years of continuous production. An official release and book signing at Chicagoland 2019 is not out of the realm of possibilities. $TBA

And now you know as much as I do. Okay, back to work. . . .

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