158. Killer B Redux: A Peterson – James Fox “Hunter” Gallery (2014)



Here’s just a bit of lagniappe from Yiorgos Manesis, manager of James Fox in Dublin (formerly online as Pipe Divan, now at www.jamesfox.ie): a gallery of photos Yiorgos took in 2014 of the “killer B” shapes used in “The Hunter” 9mm collection, which included several special collections as well as some amazing pipe of the year shapes. Enjoy!


The 1989 Baskerville XL12, from the Original Sherlock Holmes Collection


The gorgeous and rarely-seen second part of the 2000 Pipe of the Year Set, the B13.
Nice rustication.


The B8, from c. 2000


Two views of the massive “Shackleton,” B19, from 2002’s Great Explorer Collection


Three aspects of B27, the 2007 POY, a fantastic panel billiard


Two views of the B32, originally the Lee from 2007’s Rivers Collection. One of the most remarkable,
and remarkably Irish, shapes in the entire Peterson catalog.


think this is the B34 Birr, originally from the 2009 Castles Collection . . . I think . . . 


And this is the B40, originally the Birr from the 2009 Castles collection


The little B36 barrel, originally the Malahide from 2009’s Castle Collection


Two views of the B38 canoe, another incredible quaint which was originally the Glinn in the 2009 Castles Collection


Two views of the panel quaint stack B39, another from the Castle Collection


Essential views revealing the sinuous shank of the 2009 POY, the B41


The B45 Joyce, from 2010’s Writers Collection,
one of my favorite of all the Dublin shapes


The B47 dublin, originally the Wilde from 2010’s Writers Collection


The B54, 2011’s POY, a fresh take on the panel


Two views of the sumptuous 2013 POY, the B62


Many thanks to Yiorgos Manesis at James Fox,
for sharing these wonderful photographs












Identification Guide:

THE HUNTER (2014)  A James Fox – Peterson small batch collaboration utilizing the Dublin era’s extensive B shapes catalog, including several POY shapes. Smooth and rustic, nickel band engraved “Hunter,” 9mm filter vulcanite stem with silver hot-foil P.

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Michael Sauer
Michael Sauer
4 years ago

Marvellous pipes!

Richard Roberts
Richard Roberts
4 years ago

Good Day to , Mr Ingram and thank you, as ever, for enthusiasm and diligence in letting me know about some the (more or less) arcane ‘Pete’ ideas and developments. My personal ‘holy grail’ (for now, as I have fits of enthusiasm) is for a sandblasted straight billiard of the larger sort with a P-lip and, if available, a vulcanite mouthpiece. Also, a larger ‘Dutch-bent’ sandblast with P-lip and vulcanite. I do not insist upon silver mountings but that would be satisfying. If you could also suggest a means to achieve world peace, save the whale and preserve us from… Read more »