152. The New SHORTS Line is On the Way

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Those of you with a copy of the Peterson book know that the company made its name in the beginning largely through industrial exhibitions, not only exhibiting their pipes but entering them in various competitions. The medals the company took away—eleven by the end of the era—helped establish Peterson as a brand in the world market.

  A report of K&P’s first exhibition in 1896,
where they brought away two gold medals.

As the decades passed, trade shows displaced the larger-themed industrial exhibitions as places where those involved in selling and marketing tobacco and smoking accessories market can meet.

One of the most intriguing displays at the 2019 Inter Tabac

The 40th InterTabac—International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories—was held in Dortmund, Germany, from the 20th to the 22nd of September.* It is, I understand, the world’s largest such event, eclipsing even our own PCA (formerly IPCPR). Josh Burgess, Managing Director at Peterson, sent me the marvelous e-poster from the show seen above.

“We had one new release,” Josh said. “The series is called Peterson Shorts. It’s a line that Glen Whelan, our Director of Sales, came up with. Each shape in the series is a classic Peterson shape, but both the stem and the shank have been cut back to make for a more compact presentation. Each pipe has a silver band and hand stamping.”

“Its an idea I had been toying with for a number of years now,” Glen writes, “and I am really pleased that Josh and Sykes Wilford [of Laudisi] saw the potential in the range for it to become a reality.”

“We have nine shapes in the series, all with fishtail mouthpiece,” Glen told me. “Shapes in the series are – 03, 150, 230, 264, 268, 406, 80s, 999 & X105. For now we are offering the smooth finish (black& white stain) and rustic.”

As you can see from the poster at the top, this is a mid-to-upper range line, denoted not only by the sterling band Josh mentioned, but also the inlaid aluminum P in what looks like a vulcanite mouthpiece.  “We should have them in the market before around mid-November,” Glen said.  (And yours truly is hoping maybe a few tins of the new “Peterson” De Luxe Navy Rolls to go with them!)


*The Dutch Pipe Smoker has, as always, written a lovely blog post about his experience.


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