252. SPECIAL BULLETIN: The Rua Spigot Drops Tomorrow!

This just in from Pete Central:

The Rua Spigot debuts tomorrow, Friday, October 29th, at both SPC and SPE (Smokingpipes.com & Smokingpipes.eu) in very limited numbers.

Andy Wike at Laudisi writes that “it’s the first Peterson to wear a contrast sandblast finish—something you typically see only on artisan pipes—and is elevated by a domed spigot mount and fishtail stem.”

“The name was inspired,” he continues, “by the Irish word for ‘red-haired,’ which coincidentally is also the word most Irish story books use for red foxes—for example, Madra Rua—Reynard. There are four shapes in the series for now: the 106, 999, XL02 and 69.  They launch at SPC and SPE Friday, October 29.”

Adds Josh Burgess, “the contrast sandblast was produced under our pipe specialist Giacomo Penzo’s guidance.”


Photos courtesy Laudisi
and many thanks to Josh & Andy!

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