218. IPSD 2021: Heading Out

Beyond here there’s no map. How you get there is where you’ll arrive; how, dawn by dawn, you can see your way clear: in pond, sky, just as woods you walk through give to fields. And rivers: beyond all burning, you’ll cross on bridges you’ve long lugged with you. Whatever

217. Kapp & Peterson’s Early French-Made Figural Briars

I’m pleased to present the research of Sébastien Canévet on Kapp & Peterson’s early figural briars. The Dublin firm wanted to offer as many options as possible to its original customers, but in the factory made only meerschaums and briars. We know Charles Peterson and probably Jimmy Malone also made

216. The Thinking Man in South Korea: An Interview with Troy Lambrecht

International Peterson *er, pipe* Smoking Day is less than two weeks away! I Thanks to everyone who has submitted their answers and photograph(s) to qualify for their Certified Pete Geek certificate. It’s not too late if you want to be counted among the Pete Elite.* As we ramp up to

215. IPSD 2021 Invitation to Earn Your CPG Certificate

Last year’s IPSD on Peterson Pipe Notes was such a great success, with readers sharing some marvelous stories and their favorite pipes from across the globe, that I think we need to move it to the next level for this year’s celebration, which is just three weeks away on Saturday,

214. The 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Commemoratives

For the 23rd annual release of the St. Patrick’s Day commemorative and for the first time in three years, K&P has brought out a traditional “navy mount” pipe. The in-house caramel-over-dark brown rustication is complemented this year by a green acrylic fishtail mouthpiece and introduces to the SPD a very

213. The Hallmark Silver Cap & Chain Special-Issue System (1974)

Most Peterson collectors & companioners these days think of 1981’s Mark Twain as the first great K&P commemorative, and over time it has certainly become the most famous. It was the fortuitous combination of a charismatic System smoker and a great System pipe. Fans were (and are) particularly fond of