404. Fathering the Peterson Flame: Al Rosenfield’s 1987 Pilgrimage to Peterson

Left to Right, September 1987: Jimmy Nicholson (CEO), Tony Dempsey (Director of Sales), Al Rosenfield (Pete Geek), Paddy Larrigan (Factory Manager) Lá na nAithreacha sona duit! Grattis på farsdagen! Glücklicher Vatertag! Joyeuse Fête des Pères! Buona Festa del Papà! С ДНЕМ ПАПЫ! З Днем Батька! Šťastný Den Otců! Happy Father’s

401. SPECIAL BULLETIN: Peterson Pipe of the Year Archive Collection DROPS tomorrow!

“A celebration of Peterson’s legacy of pipe making and creative innovation, the Pipe of the Year Archive Collection comprises an array of historic PoY shapes from years past, available in limited quantities and various finishes. Each pipe bears a commemorative ‘Archive’ stamp denoting its place in the collection.” “These will