26. A Look at the Peterson D Shapes

The D shapes–epitomized by the D3 St. Patrick’s Day for 2011 seen in the banner above–were a special group of pipes produced by Peterson in the 1990s for one of their Danish distributors. Most of them appeared in numerous lines, but in what follows you can get an idea of their bowl shapes. The Peterson book gives a little more background history on the group, but as the name indicates, there’s a particularly Danish aesthetic about them as a whole.

While the group was really at an end with D14, as companies sometimes will, Peterson went on with the D numbers, adding three small bowls to update the churchwarden line, and then for no discernible reason at all, added the D18, which was the POY / Limited Edition / Founder’s Edition in 2015.

The D15, D16, D17 and D18 are still in production, but the rest are a vanishing breed. , there’s nothing to stop me from sharing a visual encyclopedia of them and give you a few hints about them, as well as point you in directions you may be able to still find them, since most of them are no longer being made. They’re a vanishing breed, so if you see one you like, now’s probably the best time to think about adding it to the herd.

You’ll notice there’s no D10. I don’t know whether this was because Peterson skipped over the number (which sometimes causes confusion when there’s a “1”), or whether I was simply unable to source one.

Most of the best places to hunt for D shapes are going to be in Europe (1st hint), although you may find a few here in the US which appeared in the St. Patrick’s Day line.


D1 (Killarney)

D2 (Supreme)


D3 (Supreme)

D4 (Kapp-Royal)

D 5 (Unmounted Aran)

D6 (Dublin Silver)

D6 (Outdoor)

D7 (Sterling)

D8 (Dublin Silver)

D9 (St. Patrick’s Day 2011)

D11 (Killarney)

D12 (Kapet)

D13 (Sterling Silver)

D14 (Special Edition Donegal)

D15 (Churchwarden 2015)

D16 (Churchwarden 2015)

D17 (Churchwarden 2015)


D18 (Natural De Luxe System)


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