227. Professor Schantz’s DIY on an SPD 2020

“Professor” John H. Schantz Jr., CPG, wrote me recently with a great DIY he performed on a St. Patrick’s Day 2020. As I’ve always wanted a System Pete with a green & black vulcanite cumberland stem, I had to share this story with you. Yes, technically John’s stem is swirled green & black, but it’s still an over-the-top fantastic modification. I keep asking John to go pro and begin taking custom stem and artisan pipe orders, but he keeps insisting that a day job is preferable to living in a homeless shelter. Go figure.

I had to buy another Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2020, because I needed to get free shipping at SmokingPipes.com when I ordered some tobaccos.  And . . . the pipes were on sale.

I had plans when I bought it to make it into a “nose warmer”—you know how much I like short pipes (okay, all pipes, but I digress).

It was a beautiful day today, perfect for a little lathe fun in the garage.  The pipe is a 106, and my “Sports” 2 was loaded with some aged Peterson’s Signature Flake for the duration.

I used some green with black swirl ebonite to make the new stem.

The airway is tapered and the tenon has a deep chamfer.  I have not smoked it with the new stem yet, but I have high hopes.

It smoked well with the original stem so it should be a good smoker with the new stem.  The stem is not finished to perfection, but it’s finished well enough for the girls I date.

Have a great evening, everyone!
John H. Schantz Jr., CPG
Rocky Mountain Briars


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