409. In the Blink of An Eye

by Gary Hamilton, CPG As the title of this story suggests, and the accompanying photo illustrates, it all happened in the blink of an eye. Pipemen the world over take pride in displaying and presenting the pipes that they companion on a daily basis. And how best to ready a

407. The System House Pipe: the Short History of a Big Pipe

PSAs: Pete Geek Pipe Rests are Shipping! We need your help– –LAST CALL FOR NEW ERA PETE GEEK CAPS! (see end of post for details)   It’s always easy to forget that dating pipes and shapes, which is so crucially important (viz., fun) for us as companioners isn’t something to

405. SPECIAL BULLETIN: 4th Annual Carroll of Carrollton drops at 6pm EST today!

Per Andy Wike at Laudisi:  “This is the fourth installment of the limited-edition Carroll of Carrollton line, and this year’s shape is a squat Tomato (it’s really sort of a hybrid of Tomato, Acorn, Prince, and Rhodesian style bowls, minus the beadlines) and features a broad sterling silver band. Really

404. Fathering the Peterson Flame: Al Rosenfield’s 1987 Pilgrimage to Peterson

Left to Right, September 1987: Jimmy Nicholson (CEO), Tony Dempsey (Director of Sales), Al Rosenfield (Pete Geek), Paddy Larrigan (Factory Manager) Lá na nAithreacha sona duit! Grattis på farsdagen! Glücklicher Vatertag! Joyeuse Fête des Pères! Buona Festa del Papà! С ДНЕМ ПАПЫ! З Днем Батька! Šťastný Den Otců! Happy Father’s