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384b. Second Chance CPG Coffee Mugs

Hi, Everyone! While Mark is off drinking coffee and smoking his pipe with his friend Mr. Stubz (that’s right, the monkey), I’ve been running through the orders.  There are some extra mugs that are unclaimed, and as we’ve already received a few requests for mugs or for additional mugs, I’ve opened up the Google Form:
  • Price is $29.95 each
  • US Shipping: Priority Mail – $11 for orders of 1-2 mugs / $13  for orders of 3-4 mugs
  • International Shipping: FedEx International Connect (where available, otherwise US First Class Intl) – $24 for 1 mug / $28  for 2 mugs mugs / $32 for 3-4 mugs (this does NOT include any customs/import fees) 
  • You will invoiced through PayPal when the mugs are ready to ship
  • You MUST fill out the Google form below to be eligible
  • Each option has a limit set. When limit is reached, option will no longer be available.
  • There may be a few more mugs available once original orders have been delivered.
  • Questions? Send email to

Wishing you a pleasant rest of your weekend,
P.S. I think I’ll be sending out PayPal invoices by mid-week!

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