126. The Peterson Book Now Out in the US

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know the wait for the book—all 5 pounds of it!—is over. It is now in stock at Smokingpipes.com for those in the US and will be available shortly from Smokingpipes.eu for friends in Europe.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported, nurtured and encouraged the book and blog for the past six years. I know you thought the day would never come. Sometimes neither did we.

We’ll be in Chicago next month for the launch and present “The Making of The Peterson Pipe Book” at the signing. Illustrator and fellow Sherlockian Larry Gosser, who did some of the illustrations for us, will also be there. We’ll do a west coast launch at the Las Vegas show in the fall and present “Peterson’s Traditions Lost and Found.” Come talk Petes with us so we can thank you in person!

Fumare in Pax!

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