316. SPECIAL BULLETIN: The Sherlock Holmes Heritage Finish Drops in the U.S. on 12/14

SPECIAL BULLETIN: Released in Europe on Tuesday, 12/6, the U.S. drop for the Sherlock Holmes Collection in the Heritage finish will be, per Andy Wike, “Wed 12/14 @ 6:00pm” EST. That’s just enough time for those needing to fill out their Christmas stockings here in the States, and more than enough if they celebrate the full Twelve Days of Christmas, December 25-January 5th. El Dia de los Reyes, Three Kings Day (Epiphany in many liturgical calendars), follows on January 6th, ushering in the Season of Light, and is traditional day for gift-giving among many in Mexico, Central and South America as well as their families here in the U.S.

In addition to the Original (left) and Baskerville (right) above, here’s ten more of the fourteen shapes being released. A Stan Lee ‘No Prize’ if you can name them all without looking at the end of the post:*



And here’s the fabulous poster / electronic strutcard for those PGs who love and collect them:


With thanks to Andy Wike, Josh Burgess, Kapp & Peterson & Smokingpipes.eu
for photos and media materials




* In order:


BTW, Charles Mundungus sent this tip in from Lake Geneva: “I like to cover the garage walls where I house my ’51 Nash Airflyte Rambler with these. I save them as PDFs and take them down to FedEx. The charge is minimal for a 3 x 5 footer and the effect is maximal. Sometimes I just have to sit and smoke my Petes out there to enjoy them all. Especially when the neighbor upstairs is having one of her parties.”



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