312. Celebrating the CPG 2022 Commemorative, the PPN 2022

Here on the Pete Freq this morning seems like a good time to pause and celebrate the PPN 2022, as reports are coming in that most of the Pete Geeks have received their pipes. So how about a virtual meet-up tonight to smoke our CPG pipes and offer a bit of pre-holiday thanksgiving for the artisans and creative team at Kapp & Peterson? The pipe has sold out, and while there were a few glitches along the way (all on my part, not K&P’s) I’m wondering if we ought to do this again next year?  I’d also like to thank all who participated in the project as well as those who wanted to but arrived at the station a bit too late. Many thanks as well to those who submitted the photos featured below.  Let me know in the comments what you’ll be smoking tonight in yours.  Rath Dé ort!

Raphaël Foesser: “Enter Stage Left”


Chris Streeper’s Gnarly Award Winner



Mark Hunt, “The Voice of One Smoking in the Wilderness”


Tom Schaefer, “Map is (Sometimes) Territory”


Linwood Hines, “Pipe Sensei of the Multiverse”


Joel Brandon, “This is the Way”


Daniel Barber, “Ripeness is All”


C. Patrick Osborn, “The Two Sides of Unitive Smoking”


Chris Streeper, “Theologian and Kapnismologist”


Dwain Dunn, “1/90”


Stephano Zerbi: “Sartor Resartus Revisited, Part 1: Waistcoats and Pipes”


Andrew Moultrie: “Ghost Materiel [sic]”


Chris Tarman, “Beyond the Gates of Delirium”


Ken Siegel: “The Full Virginia Challenge”


Chris Lauer, “9 of 90 and Counting”


Bill Auld: “Anticipating A Pleasant Spectrum Shift”


E. Luis Cisneros, “Here & Now”


Scot Loyd, “TSE: Every Moment is A Fresh Beginning”


Jason Canady, “The Teleology of Smoking”


Bart De Jong: “The word that is heard perishes, but the letter that is written remains.”


Professor John Schantz: “Best Blast in Class”


Stephen Wilson, “Cosmic Consciousness”

Kevin Cavanagh: “Polynomials of Pete-Speak in Poetry & Prose”


Casey Jones: “Ineffable Still Life”


Stephano Zerbi’s “Holmes on Holiday (Acrylic, 2022)”


Tom Cuffe, “Origami Artist, Untitled”


Harald Stoecklmair : “[Molly said,] ‘yes I said yes I will Yes.'”


Brandon Labudde, “The Final Word”


Thanks to everyone at Kapp & Peterson, Laudisi
and the Pete Geek Community
who made the CPG / PPN 2022 Event a Reality.
Captions by Chas. Mundungus




Gary Hamilton, CPG and I were talking at the Texas Pipe Show this morning (about which, more next time) about grain in pipes. He was showing me a number of various factory pipes he’d restored from the 1940s and 50s and we were enthusing over the incredible grain on these old pipes. Up this week on eBay, I’ve got one such example, a Premier 263 New/Old Stock canadian with the original box and sock.

So where has all the grain gone? Factory pipe makers don’t even show you the grain much anymore except on their ultra-high ends, which is puzzling compared with pipes of yesteryear and even Petes of yesteryear, which often featured great birdseye, paisley and mixed grains on standard grades.

If pipes like what Gary brought to the show and this 263 Premier were graded today, we think they might qualify for K&P Supreme.

(Note the cross-vents on the bone tenon extension. If you look at the eBay pix you can see some amazing lathe work on the shank’s taper and the bowl as well as the tenon/mortise, the kind of stuff you don’t see anymore.)







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